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Friendly Knee Supporter

Friendly Knee Supporter

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Make Your Knees Light And Powerful !

Powerful rebound spring force can support your thighs and calves, effectively reducing knee pressure and making everyday activities such as running, climbing, sports etc. Easier


Mesh design, Comfortable and Breathable, you can tie directly to your knees or on above pants.

Each pads can withstand a weight of up to 20kg. It can lighten about 40kgs from your own weight!


Features :

  • Carbon steel spring: 3 spring (carbon steel), outer diameter 15mm.
  • Hand screw: no tools simple disassembly and assembly-free combination
  •  Mesh ventilation : double-sided composite OK Cloth, breathable.
  • Universal bandage : The top of the bandage is made of nylon clasp, which is easy to wear.
  • Anti-skid fabrics : more firmly and precisely. 
  • Stabilize the basal bones of both upper and lower sides to relieve the pressure on the knee.
  •  Upgrading knee performance to cushion knee impact in running and jumping.
  • Enhance the activity energy to alleviate knee fatigue wear.
  • Strengthen your legs and knees by 40 kg when squatting up.

Give Your Knees The Support They Deserve (5 Reasons Why)

✔ Relieve Joint Pain - This knee support brace effectively lightens up to 32 kg (71 lbs) of joint pressure from a person’s own weight, providing relief to both tibiofemoral and patellofemoral knee joints.

✔ Reduce Ligament Stress/Injuries - The patented spring-loaded technology boosts knee power, reducing knee instability in the anterior, posterior, medial, and lateral ligaments. (ACL/PCL/MCL/LCL)

✔ Stronger Lifting Power - This brace allows you to lift your knees easier when bending or squatting both legs, providing a noticeable boost when lifting heavy objects.

 ✔ Work Easier, Longer - Feel the increased power when on the job. Ideally used in professions requiring excessive knee movement such as gardening, construction, delivery service, inspections, mechanic, etc.

✔ Play Better, Faster - Get the extra support you need while walking, hiking, biking, working out, playing golf, badminton, tennis and many more. The versatility of this knee brace is endless, improve your game in every way.

Specifications :

  • Material : Diving cloth,PC,spring
  • Size : 295x280x270mm
  • Gross weight : 0.82 kg
  • Net weight : 0.56 kg
  • Gender : Men,women,old

Common Questions :

Q. Will these fit my knees?

Yes! One-size-fits-all. The length of the brace and both upper/lower straps are fully adjustable.

Q. Do they hurt?

Our braces can be worn comfortably under or over pants without giving you a rash or burning sensation behind your knees. 

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