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Brass Designer Lota | Brass Lota For Puja | Pital Lota For Puja | Religious Pooja Items

Brass Designer Lota | Brass Lota For Puja | Pital Lota For Puja | Religious Pooja Items

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  • Brass Kalash/Lota is widely used in Hindu rituals for offering water to God and Kalash Sthapna
  • The Purna-Kalasha is considered a symbol of abundance and "source of life" in the Vedas.
  • A Brass pot is filled with water. Mango leaves are placed in the mouth of the pot and a coconut is placed over it. A red or white thread is tied around its neck or sometimes all around it in an intricate diamond-shaped pattern. The pot may be decorated with designs. Such a pot is known as a kalasha. When the pot is filled with water or rice, it is known as Purnakumbha representing the inert body which when filled with the divine life force gains the power to do all the wonderful things.
  • Purna-Kumbha is pre-eminently a Vedic motif, known from the time of Rigveda.
  • It is also called Soma-Kalasha, Chandra-Kalasha, Indra-Kumbha, Purnaghata, Purna-Virakamsya, Bhadra ghata, or Mangala ghata. 
  • Specification: Height =8cm, Top Diameter =6.7cm

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