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Bhulife Neem Oil for Plants 100 ml | Make 20 Liter Neem Spray

Bhulife Neem Oil for Plants 100 ml | Make 20 Liter Neem Spray

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It’s Cold-Pressed Neem Seed Oil Concentrate that can be used for Kitchen gardens, Terrace gardens, Pot/Container plants, Indoor plants, Ornamental plants, Flowering plants, Outdoor plants, plant food, as an all-purpose plant fertilizer, Agricultural sprayers, Vegetable gardens and All plants Spray


•100% Pure and Natural Neem Oil is extracted from neem seeds and is processed using the cold-pressed method.

Usage Instructions:

·       Shake well before use.

·       Take 1 Liter of water then Add 4-6 ml (1 Tbs Approx.) of neem oil and Shake/Mix it well. No need to add any liquid soap.

·       Spray on all parts of the plants including the underside of the leaves until completely wet


Apply Neem Oil on a 7-day schedule until the disease completely disappears. Neem oil is most effective when applied in the early to mid-morning or late noon/evening to minimize leaf burn. Do Not apply on baby plants or to newly transplanted plants.

Benefits of Using Need Oil

  • It is especially efficient against soft-bodied, leaf-sucking, and chewing insects, which are frequent garden pests. Aphids, mealybugs, mites, thrips, scale flies, and whiteflies are examples of pests.
  • Neem oil also contains anti-fungal qualities that are good against powdery mildew and keep it from spreading to tissue.
  • Earthworm activity is stimulated by neem oil.

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