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Bhulife Bed Bug Infestation Control Spray | Khatmal Marne Ki Dawa | Bed Bug Killer 250 MLx2

Bhulife Bed Bug Infestation Control Spray | Khatmal Marne Ki Dawa | Bed Bug Killer 250 MLx2

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Bhulife Bed Bug Infestation Control Spray is your ultimate DIY product to treat bed bugs, dust mites, lice, etc. The formula is made from natural ingredients, keeping you and your family safe. This product was originally developed for professional exterminators and is safe to use by anyone. 

The spray works by damaging the outer shell of the insects and bugs, leaving it motionless. This is a contact spray and the results are immediate. 

Our product is safe to use around children and pets and is stain-free and odorless.

Stainless & Safe: Spray on any surface where Bed bug infestation is seen, including bed frame, mattress, floors, carpets, walls or anywhere else you see bugs.

Highly effective for both early and heavy bed bug infestation

Peppermint Oil 0.5 %, Neem Oil (Azardirachta Indica) 1%, Salt 1%, Castor Oil 3%, Citric Acid 0.2%, Excipients QS

How it Works:
Bhulife Bed Bug Infestation Control Spray has a unique mode of action to cause quick elimination of resistant bed bugs. It can penetrate the exoskeleton and attack a unique neuron receptor that only exists in invertebrates to cause immediate paralysis and death. This type of mode of action only affects insects and causes no harm to vertebrates. 

How to Use:
Apply as a spot treatment to cracks and crevices around baseboards, floorboards, bedboards, carpet edges, furniture and walls; bed frames, mattresses and box springs; corners and pockets of luggage. Spray twice a week.

Bhulife Bed Bug Infestation Control Spray 250 ML is made with essential oil blend and kills by contact. Do not spray humans or pets with this product. Do not apply this product to stuffed animals or toys. 

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