What is a Graphics Plotter?

A graphics plotter is a computer output device that is used to produce high-quality, large-scale graphics such as engineering drawings, blueprints, maps, and other technical illustrations.

The plotter uses a series of pens or markers to draw images on paper or other materials. It works by moving a pen or set of pens across the surface of the paper, following a set of instructions that are sent to it from a computer. The instructions can include things like the position of the pen, the color and thickness of the lines, and other details about the image being created.

Graphics plotters are often used in engineering, architecture, and design applications, where precision and accuracy are essential. They can produce highly-detailed and complex images with very fine lines and intricate details that are difficult to achieve with other printing methods.

While graphics plotters were once the primary means of producing large-scale graphics, they have largely been replaced by other digital printing technologies such as inkjet and laser printers. However, they are still used in some specialized applications where high-quality, large-scale graphics are required.

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