Top 10 QR Code Printer

A QR code printer is a type of printer that can produce QR (Quick Response) codes, which are two-dimensional barcodes that can be read by smartphones and other mobile devices. QR codes are used to store information such as URLs, contact details, and other types of data, which can be easily scanned and accessed by a mobile device.

QR code printers can be either standalone devices or integrated into other types, such as thermal or inkjet printers. They typically use specialized software that allows users to design and customize QR codes with different colors, logos, and other visual elements.

QR code printers are used in a wide range of applications, including marketing and advertising, product packaging, event management, and ticketing. For example, a QR code printer may be used to print QR codes on event tickets or product packaging, which can then be scanned by attendees or customers to access additional information or promotional offers.

Top 10 QR Code Printers in India

1. TSC TTP 345 Thermal Transfer Desktop Barcode QR Code Printer, 300 DPI

2. TSC DA 310 Desktop Direct Thermal Transfer 4 IPS & 300 DPI Barcode Shipping Label QR Code Printer Ideal for Seller Flex

3. TSC TE244 Desktop Thermal Transfer Barcode Printer with USB connectivity 203 DPI Bar Code Label Printer


4. iDPRT Thermal Label Printer SP410s Thermal Shipping Label QR Code Printer


5. TSC TTP 244 PRO Barcode Printer 203 DPI Desktop Thermal Transfer Label Bar Code Printer


6. Zebra ZD230T Barcode Printer 203dpi QR Code Printer for Product MRP Labeling


7. Shreyans 58mm Label + Receipt Printer (2 in 1) - Thermal (50x38 Label Combo) Free 500 Labels


8. BRONTIX Multi Size Adjustable upto 4 inch | Direct Thermal Label Printer Machine | barcode QR Code printer Machine


9. LabelRange Label Printer - Direct Thermal Desktop Printer for Barcodes,Labels,Mailing,Shipping and More


10. SHREYANS 58mm (2inch) Thermal Label + Receipt Printer can Printer Barcode Tag, MRP Tag, Name Tag, QR Code and Many More


QR code printers offer a convenient and efficient way to produce high-quality QR codes that can be easily scanned and accessed by mobile devices, making them a valuable tool for businesses and organizations that want to engage with customers and provide them with additional information and services.

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