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Rat Kill Paste | Ready to Use Rat Killer Gel for Home and Outdoors | Rodenticide Rat Poison Bait 15GMX1

Rat Kill Paste | Ready to Use Rat Killer Gel for Home and Outdoors | Rodenticide Rat Poison Bait 15GMX1

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Note: Not Available for sale in Tamil Nadu

Chemical Composition:

Yellow Phosphorus 3% w/w, Fruit Based Bait Material 70% w/w, Other Adjuvants QS to 100% w/w


Ratox Rat Killer Gel Poison Rodent Killer Control comes in 15 gm pack. The best feature of Ratox paste is the speed of results.

Due to a fruit base, the paste acts as an attractant. Less chances of Resistance development. Soft, re-sealable lami-tubes make it easy to use even on difficult areas like Roof beams and tree-tops.

How to Use:

  1. To ensure best results, induce rats to eat plain food pieces kept about the premises, frequented by rats.
  2. Next night, place the same type of good-pieces with Ratox paste thinly spread on them.
  3. Rats eat the baits coved with Ratox Paste.
  4. Rats will die outside, remove all left over Ratox baits and dispose them off safely by flushing



  • Keep away from Children and domestic pets.
  • Do not allow it to touch eyes & do not inhale paste.
  • Wash hands properly after use.





















Identify areas where rats are frequently seen and place the bait in shallow trays away from the access of children and pets.

The Best Feature Of this Paste Is That Rats Usually Tend To Die Away From Your House, In The Open


Direction of use

Apply the paste on pieces of bread, coconut or other dry food and place them at different areas of infestation.

Collect and dispose OFF all dead animals and left-over bait properly.

If infestation is high, repeat dosage only on areas where the food was eaten.

To prevent re-infestation with rodents, limit sources of leftover food, water and harbourage as much as possible.


WARNING : POSION, keep away from kids and children, if swallow, read label and consult doctor immediately Cover your hands and face before applying, storage away from food in dark cool place


Antidote: In Case BILLY is accidently swallowed give salt in warm water unit vomit fluid is clear. For Safety , Call Doctor


सतर्कता बच्चों और पालतु जानवरों से दूर रखिए। पेस्ट को आँख और मूँह के पास न लाए और उसकी गंध सांसो मे न लिजिए। इस्तेमाल करने के बाद हाथ अच्छी तरह से धोइये


१ सर्वोत्तम परिणाम के लिये पहले चूहो की आने जाने की जगह या कमरे के कोनों में खाने के टुकडे रखीय जिससे चूहे उने खाने के लिए प्रोत्साहित हो सके।

२ दूसरे रोज रात को उसी तरह के खाने के टुकड़ों पर रेटोक्ष पेस्ट की पतली तट लगा कर उन्हें उसी स्थान पर रख दिजिये

३ चूहे इस रेटोक्ष पेस्ट युक्त खाध पदार्थ खा लेंगे।

४ चूहे घर या अहाते से बाहर जाकर परेंगे। रेटो पेस्ट युकत बचा हुआ खाध पदार्थ उठाकर उस सुरक्षित तरीके से नष्ट कर दें।


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