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Rat Control Paste 35GMx1 and Powerful Cockroach Eliminator Gel 10GMx5

Rat Control Paste 35GMx1 and Powerful Cockroach Eliminator Gel 10GMx5

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3% Phosphorous


Fipronil Technical (90% Purity) 0.055 % m/m

Other adjuvants-QS to 99.945 % m/m


Description For Paste 35G:

Rats’ infestation has been the greatest fear in our homes and commercial places. They cause so many diseases and destroy our valuable goods.

Axton Paste is the best rodenticide. It will eliminate rats and make sure that you will get complete satisfaction and get rid of these destructive and troublesome pests.

Axton Rat Killer Paste comes in a 35g pack. It’s highly effective in controlling rats and rodents.


  • DIY COCKROACH CONTROL SOLUTION: Innovative gel formulation that attracts and kills cockroaches and their nest.
  • ODOURLESS GEL: Completely odourless gel bait, causing no discomfort during and after application
  • HOW IT WORKS: On consumption of the gel, cockroaches go back to their nest and die, resulting in the elimination of other cockroaches that get in contact with them
  • LONG-LASTING EFFECT: 3-4 time use ensures that there are no cockroaches in the house for up to 30 days






  1. To ensure best results, induce rats to eat plain food pieces kept about the premises, frequented by rats.
  2. Next night, place the same type of good-pieces with Axton paste thinly spread on them.
  3. Rats ear the baits coved with Axton Paste.
  4. Rats will die outside, remove all left-over Axton baits and dispose them off safely by flushing



  • Apply dots below table, side railings. Pull the drawer and apply Kitchen & Cupboards
  • Apply dots on every Hinge, corner, cracks, crevice, wall and between cabinets.
  • Apply one dot on every Hinge, corner, cracks, crevice with an interval of 1 foot each.
  • Apply dots below dustbin, surrounding the drainage cover & below wash basin dots inside-outside of the corners and railings.
  • Apply dots on all the legs of appliances & cooking ranges, rubber beading of the refrigerator.
  • Apply dots below dining table and all the legs of table & chairs and surrounding walls.


  • Keep out of reach of children and pets.
  • Keep away from foodstuff.
  • Handle with Care. Keep the tube tightly closed after use.
  • Do not touch or inhale the content while handling the content.
  • Use gloves & face mask.






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