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Complete Insect Control Solution for Home | Get rid of Insects and Pests

Complete Insect Control Solution for Home | Get rid of Insects and Pests

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Bedbug Eliminator Spray (250ml)

Safe for Humans, Pets, Plants, etc.
Say No to diseases and have a good night's sleep


  • Instant Exterminator - This bed bug spray from Bedbug Eliminator is the best solution to destroy the bed bug infestation instantly. It works on almost all species of bedbugs.
  • It can be your go-to product without thinking twice and is Eco-friendly. It is made up of natural ingredients and is completely safe to be used around.
  • Stainless action - You can spray it anywhere and everywhere without worrying about the stain marks as it is stain-free
  • Safe for you - The spray is made up of products that are pet-friendly. It is freedom to you but a disaster to the bugs.



Fipronil Technical (90% Purity) 0.055 % m/m

Other adjuvants-QS to 99.945 % m/m

Cockroach killer gel


  • In case of irritation of eyes, rinses immediately with plenty water.
  • Keep away from reach of children.
  • Keep the tube tightly closed after use.
  • Dispose in safe manner so as to prevent environment pollution.


Easy to Use. Multipurpose insect killer. Immediate knockdown effect.

Protection from diseases like dengue, malaria. Kills mosquitoes and other flying and crawling insects.

Multi insect killer spray herbal organic

Household Insecticide Spray: Ready to use formulation for spot application to control cockroaches, mosquitoes and house flies only. Spray their resting and hiding place. Comes in a 225ML Aerosol Spray

ZINC Phosphide Powder (10g):

Axton Zinc contains Zinc Phosphide powder as its active ingredients and used as a rodent killer with some bait against rats, mice and other field rodents in and around buildings, godowns, fields, orchards and other outdoor areas.

Caution: Since the use of the product is beyond our control, we cannot assume any responsibility of the product apart from its quality. Read Instruction on the packet before use.

Powerful rat killer powder zinc phosphide

Usage Instruction

DOSAGES: Take 10 gm of Zinc Phosphide from 10gms Packet. Edible oil 1Tsp and 480 gms food product should be mixed. Never Mix Water. 10 gm of the prepared bait should be placed at every chosen place where rats are frequently encountered.


Chemical Composition of Lizard Spray:                                          

Active Ingredients 100% Natural Oil.

It contains Pure Cinnamon oil, Peppermint, Neem oil, Cedarwood oil

lizard repellant

Usage Instructions of Lizard Spray:

Shake the bottle before Use. Spray once daily for 5 days, inside kitchen cabinets, cupboards, bathroom, behind doors, windows and other places where lizards are seen. Afterwards spray at least once in a week.


Killer granules best rat killer bait

It is ready to use rodenticide based on Zinc Phosphide for the control of rodents in buildings, godowns, orchards and other outdoors areas. This ready to use bait is recommended for the control of house Rats (Rattus Rattus) House mouse. 50g Pack


Rats’ infestation has been the greatest fear in our homes and commercial places. They cause so many diseases and destroy our valuable goods.

rat killer paste

Axton Paste is the best rodenticide. It will eliminate rats and make sure that you will get complete satisfaction and get rid of these destructive and troublesome pests.

Axton Rat Killer Paste comes in a 35g pack. It’s highly effective in controlling rats and rodents.

Rat Kill Paste 35g Usage Instruction:

  1. To ensure best results, induce rats to eat plain food pieces kept about the premises, frequented by rats.
  2. Next night, place the same type of good-pieces with Axton paste thinly spread on them.
  3. Rats ear the baits coved with Axton Paste.
  4. Rats will die outside, remove all left-over Axton baits and dispose them off safely by flushing



This is a ready to use household insecticide used against crawling insects like cockroaches, spider, ants, mites, etc. Press the button of the aerosol can and spray keeping the nozzle away from you.

Once spray can kill more than 7 types of insects

Remove or cover exposed food before spraying. Remove pets, birds and cover the fish aquaria before spraying.

Spray directly from about 30cm on to the insects and their hiding places in key areas like washbasin, gas cylinder, toilet outlet, other cracks, etc.

If the spray is heavy, do not enter the room for 30 minutes.

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